Mr Soulard recognised in Medal Ceremony

On 28 November 2016 the French Consul General of Hong Kong and Macau recognised Mr Christian Soulard as a Knight of the Order of Academic Palms.

This distinction was awarded to the FIS Headmaster in recognition of the high level of professionalism he has demonstrated throughout his career and to reflect his remarkable service to the internationalisation of the French education system and its global reach.

Mr Eric Berti, the Consul General, took the opportunity to emphasise that “the role played by Mr Soulard in the smooth running of FIS Hong Kong has been crucial, since this member of the AEFE network is an especially complex school to manage.” In fact, it is the biggest French School in Asia with more than 2,700 students from MS (Yr 1) to Terminale (Yr 13) representing 40 different nationalities on 4 different campuses with 300 teaching and administrative staff.  It has a French stream (French curriculum, French Baccalauréat) and an International stream (English Curriculum, then International Baccalaureate).

He highlighted the great human qualities of Mr Soulard, in particular his dedication to the success of the students and their well-being in the school.

The leadership team, teachers and staff of the school were at the Résidence de France to support the Headmaster and celebrate this honour. 

News written by the Service de cooperation et d’action culturelle of the French Consul General of Hong Kong and Macau