A morning with Barney Swan at FIS

Jardine’s Primary pupils had the exciting opportunity to meet Barney Swan, who initiated The ClimateForce Challenge, and hear a first-hand account of his extra-ordinary story.

During his presentation, he told the children about how his deep concern for the environment resulted in the launch of a challenging 60-day skiing expedition to the South Pole. This expedition was powered only by renewable technologies such as a solar ice melter, which he had previously developed in collaboration with NASA. He ended up traversing over 6021 miles, walking around 9 hours every day. During his presentation, he also insisted on the risks of such an adventure, explaining how the extreme cold almost caused him to lose his toes due to severe frostbite!

Back in England, he launched the ClimateForce Challenge, a target driven mission to ‘clean-up’ 360 million tons of CO2 before the year 2025. These objectives are based on simple, actionable ideas: using public transportation, reducing waste, eating less meat products, planting trees and teaching our children about the importance of renewable energy.

Prior to his visit, the pupils had raised 4,600HKD in funds to support ClimateForce and its actions. Many thanks to them and our community for their dedication to support the environment!

Check out Barney Swan’s Instagram video during his visit at FIS.