Modern Languages & Cultures Month at FIS

Many of our French Stream students took part in the AEFE competition organised throughout the world

Adapting to the newly disrupted order of the world, the chosen theme for this year’s Modern Languages ​​& Cultures Month was "By my window":

The windows of our apartments have never been so important. As we are locked down in our homes, we are bound to see our street, our neighbourhood or our courtyard through them. And the screens that surround us are ultimately just other windows through which we try to see other fragments of the world. So let's sit down with our mobile phone in front of one of them, and record what stands on the other side. Immediately, what we see reminds us of something else. How much time do we spend in front of our window, how many things cross our minds when we let our face slide towards the window that separates us from the outside? It is currently impossible for us to escape from our home other than in thought. Let's take our revenge, turn the pain of not being able to go out into a trigger of excitement for our imagination, and share our dreams and our nostalgia. Our inner world is too rich to leave it confined!

Serge Tisseron, 28 March 2020


This topic inspired several of our French stream, middle school students (6è, 5è, 4è and 3è classes), who recorded varied and personal videos from home, in English, Spanish and French.

The winners of the global competition with all participating schools will be announced during the month of June. FIS will also award prizes for the best video per class group.


In the meantime, congratulations to everyone for taking part in this project which celebrates the multilingualism that is at the core of our school's teaching approach!


6è students



5è students



4è students



3è students