The Mekong Cup

The second Mekong Cup took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, between 7 and 10 December.

The multisport competition is based on the versatility of the 4 areas of learning in the new PE programme, mixed teams (6 girls and 6 boys) and mixed phases (6eme and 5eme). The students participating also play different roles at the same time: athlete, referee, judge, reporter …

Students stayed with families from the Lycée Descartes, the host school, and were accompanied by their FIS PE teachers.

Have a read below of the daily reports by students taking part in this competition, and watch the film made on site for the Mannequin challenge here

  • Day One of the Competition:

“The two tests were Aquathlon (swim then a run) and BadTen (Badminton and table tennis).  For the day’s activities there were also referees, web reporters and the mannequin challenge …” Pauline and Marie-Lou.

  • Day Two of the Competition:

“We woke up this morning feeling as ready as ever. The handball was great and we managed to get to the final … after combining our two teams’ scores we came first in handball and third in frisbee. This means we get a trophy for handball at the end of the week.”

  • Day Three of the Competition:

"Rock climbing was a blast! The walls we had to climb were artificial and different from each other. It was a big challenge and I had to face my fears. Even though we didn't get the best score, it was a great experience." Emile

In the end, Shanghai won the cup followed closely by Phnom Penh and Hong Kong!