Meeting well-known artists

Several FIS classes had the opportunity to meet artists from very different areas and artistic paths.

The artwork presented gave us a real glimpse into the depth of their research, human relationships with the audience and the work required to create and share their works of art.

As part of their art course on artists’ profiles in 3ème, three artists came to introduce themselves and share their passion: Jérôme de Sousa, plastic artist, Christine Blom, sculptor and curator, and Maurice Benayoun, artist, theorist and curator.

Maurice Benayoun or “Moben” also presented his work to Terminale students taking the Art option. He is considered as the leader in digital art creations thanks to the meaning in his staging and sensitive use of interactivity. He discussed with students his work on virtual reality, real time, interactivity among others. After painting … simply MoBen!

“Artificial intelligence, real time graphics, sound generation, multisensory apparatuses and robotics may be highly sophisticated, but making art is not just a complex form of DIY to be confused with funny electronic gadgets,” he says. “Art goes beyond technology when it conveys messages and poetry, questions and emotions, dialogue and action.” MAURICE BENAYOUN

Further information about Moben in front in “related links”

This was a great sharing experience for all.

A huge thank you to all three for their speeches and their kindness!