Meeting with Micha Gelber, concentration camp survivor

To commemorate the liberation of the Auschwiz Concentration Camp on 27 January, the history department was honoured to welcome Micha Gelber, a survivor of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. All students in Première and Terminale as well as some volunteers from Troisième and Seconde gathered at the Auditorium at Jardine’s Lookout for this talk.

The auditorium was packed as Micha Gelber recalled his childhood in the Netherlands and how anti-Semitic policies were introduced gradually. His account allowed the audience to understand how the Dutch Jews lived through the arrival of Nazism and how his family had managed to escape the round ups by moving several times until they were finally forced to board the train to the Bergen Belsen camp.

After replying to some questions from students, our speaker was interviewed by students in Terminale S3 who are preparing for the Concours national de la Résistance (National Competition about the Resistance).

Our students were incredibly privileged to hear the testimony of one of the last survivors of the Second World War.