March, a great month for literature

This March was filled with various literary meetings and events for lower and upper secondary students.

As part of the Prix Azimut Competition, Hélène Kerillis stopped over in Hong Kong after visiting several AEFE French schools. All those taking part in the Competition – CM2, 6eme and Yrs 7&8 advanced French – learned lots about publishing and the writing process as well as the origins of the competition book. We look forward to finding out the winner of the 2018 Prix Azimut at the end of May.

The Francophonie celebrations allowed us to welcome the great entertainer and actor Jacques Weber. Subjects covered during his talk attended by students in Première included the acting profession, his interpretation of the part of Cyrano de Bergerac, French literature and Victor Hugo.  Students took part by reading Victor Hugo poems as well as extracts from Molière’s plays. A wonderful experience under the watchful eye of Jacques Weber!

Etienne Davodeau, cartoonist and comic scriptwriter, was guest of honour at the 30th Anniversary of the Parenthèses Bookshop. To celebrate the occasion, they organised a Comic competition for 4eme students with the theme “Different perspectives on two professions or two cultures.” Students in 1ere also met him about “Cher Pays de notre enfance” his investigative work on the 5th Republic; as for students in the art workshop, they tried to crack the mysteries of sketching …