Mandarin writing contest 2018-2019

The Mandarin Language department organised a writing contest for the students who learn Chinese in lower secondary (French Stream). Congratulations to our young learners!

6e :

  • 1st price : Didier YU 《不可以做,人们都在做》
  • 2nd price : Clémence GAUME 《大城市》
  • 3rd price : Ryan LAROUMANIE 《吓人的房子》

5e :

  • 1st price  : Vanessa SIMOND, Émilie SIMONET 《美丽 的大自然》
  • 2nd price : Ivan TRAN 《人类的世界》
  • 3rd price: Liloo LAM, Jeanne LE SOURNE 《友谊》

4e :

  • 1st price  : Enosh KURZ 《爱的时间》
  • 2nd price exæquo : Ethan TCHITCHIAMA 《一条线》
  • 2nd price exæquo : Pauline COURRET 《有一个人》
  • 3rd price : Antoine BASTIDE 《四个季节》

3e :

  • 1st price  : Matthieu DINH 《生活跟菜一样》
  • 2nd price : Faustine DELORME 《我是谁?》
  • 3rd price exæquo : Sven TOUCHEBOEUF, Adrien ROY 《你很饿?来吃我!》
  • 3rd price exæquo : Inès TRAN 《学校》

After the event, the teachers have created a compilation of the prize-winning pieces. Each text written in Chinese is translated in French

Click here to access the compilation ! 

Good reading !