Literature Festival for the CW Fair

Every year the Chai Wan campus organises an evening around a particular theme for students to exhibit and present their work to their friends and parents. This year, they are working on the theme Literature.

The students and the team at Chai Wan invite the whole FIS community to the first Literature Festival. Come celebrate the literature of French, English and Chinese!

The students are working hard on literary projects and look forward to presenting them to their friends, parents and the community. The Chai Wan fair is always a wonderful time to spend the evening with friends and admire the hard work of our students:

Thursday 28 February 2019, 5 – 8:30pm

CW campus, 1 Cheung Man Road, Chai Wan

The programme for this community and educational evening

  • Literacy Workshops run by the students
  • Games and activities from partners in the field of literature and theatre, for the students and their siblings to enjoy
  • Student Talent show
  • Second-hand Books Sale as well as School and PE uniforms sales
  • Food and drink for children and adults

We need your help!

  • Donate good condition books for the Second Hand Book Sales. Collection boxes are available at all Campuses.
  • Volunteer to help at the Fair with set up, supporting student activities and Café Chai Wan - sign up here or send an email to ​community@lfis.edu.hk
  • Homemade cakes for Café Chai Wan – please drop your delicious homemade cakes at the Vie Scolaire in Chai Wan on the morning of Thursday 28th February. Please remember we are a nut-free school.
  • Second hand LFIS Primary and sport uniforms will be sold for the benefit of Mayaa HK, remember to give yours a second life by dropping them on a box dedicated to it at any of our Vie Scolaire sites

All proceeds from the Fair will be used to finance pedagogical projects across the 4 campuses.

Parents, brothers and sisters, please join us for a night of fun and discovery!