Les Incorruptibles: reading, drawing and correspondence for CW students!

The Prix des Incorruptibles is one of the few prizes in Children’s Literature with children as the jury!

The aim is to create the desire and inclination among the youngest to read through a selection of quality books.

Students from CP to CM1 read books selected for their level and voted for their favourite.

At the same time, students in CM1 took part in a drawing competition.

The instructions were to illustrate a suggestion or a phrase taken from a book in the selection chosen by the organisers of this prize. A panel of illustrators chose the winners whose drawings are online here and who will be recognised by the organisers.

Finally, as part of the prize, CM1A took part in a project called “The Serial”.

As was the case for the readers of the magazine “L’illustration” in 1907 who waited every week for the next adventures of Rouletabille, the students in CM1A followed the adventures of a kind old man lumbered with a huge number of babies that he didn’t know what to with.

It was Flore Vesco, author of children’s books, who played a part in this serial. Over 12 weeks, students received chapters from the novel she was writing. Every week, it was a pleasure to find out little by little the next part of the novel as well as having the chance to correspond with an author in the midst of writing.

Flore Vasco replied to our questions and took account of the students’ observations – they were not stingy with their comments and good ideas!  The novel called “Les 87 bébés” developed in this way throughout our discussions. 

Eight classes in France took part in this including the French International School of Hong Kong.  “The Serial” project rounded off with a writing competition and Alice L in CM1A won the prize – well done! She received a voucher and a scrapbook from Parenthèses bookshop. Thank you and congratulations !