Languages Week

Every year FIS carries out activities designed to promote languages in all their diversity for Secondary students as part of Languages Week which takes place across the whole AEFE network as well as all the schools in France.  The main aim is for language discovery through culture and art. This year, the week of 14-18 May was dedicated to “World Cinema” thanks to the help of the BPR and JL Libraries which hosted this project highlighting “le 7ème art”.

Every day of the week, the Modern Languages Department selected a foreign language film with subtitles to stimulate curiosity about different cultures in a spirit of openness to the world. The films selected were Les 400 coups by François Truffaut in French; The Return of the Monkey King by Tian Xiaopeng in Chinese; Der ganz grosse Traum by Sebastian Grobel in German; Disney’s Coco in Spanish and Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir in English.

The target was met with a high turnout by students who enjoyed and watched with curiosity the selected films which allowed them to discover new cultural and linguistic horizons.