Jardine's Lookout and Chai Wan CE1, CE2 and CM2 choir performance

The CE1 and CE2 students from JL and CW as well as CW's CM2 students were on stage at the JL auditorium from May 14th to 16th to present their choral show to their families.

Nearly 300 students, or 13 classes, gave their all to the project.

One group, 4 CM2 classes from CW, had been working from September, 45 minutes once a fortnight, to present 7 songs based on the theme of tolerance and respect (for instance Heal the world by Michael Jackson, Imagine by John Lennon or Armstrong by Claude Nougaro). 

The other, 9 CE1 and CE2 classes at Jardine's and CW, benefited from the help of an external contributor, Mr Hervé Péquignet. Classes started working on the songs in January for 45 minutes a week. The project focused on the performer Aldebert's songs for young people, selected from his “Enfantillages” (“Childishness”) albums (for instance Les amoureux, Mon petit doigt m’a dit or encore Petits d’anges).

"The initial idea was to celebrate choral singing with one big performance. It was not possible to accommodate all the families in the same evening, so we offered two concerts. Parents were able to register for the evening of their choice” explained Mrs ANTOMORI, the CW coordinator of the project.

The parents were delighted to attend the concerts. The auditorium was packed for both performances, and they were impressed by the quality of their children's performance. Both evenings were a great success. Congratulations to our students and to all the teachers involved in the project!