IPROMISE student story #1

World Scholars Cup 2018 by Sanaya Masurkar

I am Sanaya Masurkar from Y8A and would like to share with you my experience of the World Scholars Cup global round that was held in Kuala Lumpur last year.

World Scholars Cup is an academic competition with events such as debating and essay writing. There are 6 subjects* that need to be studied; the more thorough, the better. I was introduced to it in Y7 and the idea of debating felt quite interesting so I decided to participate. I have been doing WSC for a year now.

My normal study times are after school and on the weekends but usually a lot more when the competitions draw nearer. My teammates and I often study in our free time as well. Working in a team is so much better because you can collaborate and split the work. Our main advantage is that we have 2 excellent coaches (Mr. Williams and Ms. Chilton) to guide us.

Some of the IPROMISE attributes that I displayed in World Scholars Cup was being an Inquirer. This competition is all about independent learning along with choosing exactly how much you want to study on each subject. However you need to be curious to accomplish more. Another attribute that is required is to be open-minded. WSC; being such a diverse competition with students coming from all around the world, this attribute leads to adapting and learning from different cultures. The topics too are truly varied and your mind needs to be open to fully comprehend it.

One of the ways I have benefited from World Scholars Cup is public speaking. WSC taught me how to be a confident speaker. This skill is quite useful when we do presentations and projects in school. I find World Scholars Cup quite intriguing and have hence decided to compete in the 2019 events as well.

* 2018 Themes: An Entangled World

  • Special Area - Human Relationships
  • History - The History of Diplomacy
  • Social Studies - Black Markets
  • Science - The Science of Memory
  • Art & Music - Braving the Distance
  • Literature - Voices of the Inseparable