IPC Updates: 2018-2019 Term 1

More photos from Term 1 here

Year 3 – IPC Chocotopia

The two Year 3 classes held their Exit Point for Chocotopia on Friday 16 November. Over the course of the last 8 weeks, the children have learned all about chocolate, and they presented their findings (along with their very own homemade, flavoured chocolate!) to other year groups, parents and staff. It was delicious!


Year 4 – IPC Nature of Life

On Monday 12 November Year 4 had their Exit Point on the Nature of Life. The children relished talking to the parents about their knowledge and understanding of the unit. Parents also had the chance to try their skills of classification using questions that the children had set to identify members of the class. To link in with our French lessons the children had set up an online quiz to see if they could guess the different animals in French.

Year 1 – IPC Who am I

On the morning of Thursday 8 November the doors of the Year 1 “Me Museum” were thrown open.  Parents were invited into the Year 1 classrooms to view the artefacts chosen by the children which they felt represented who they are: their families, hobbies and interests.

Parents had a chance to look at the children’s “autobiographies” in their IPC books, which included information about the children’s families, the groups to which they belong, fascinating fact files, and more. The Year 1 team joined the children and included artefacts of their own for this Exit Point.



Reception – IEYC Imagine That

This week we received a very important video from an artist asking for our help! He has asked us to create different art pieces for an exhibition and sent us a book to help get some ideas of what he wants to see. The children have agreed to help and we had a fantastic day exploring lots of messy play putting their art skills to the test.

Year 2 – IPC Super Humans

Year 2 held their very first exit point! The children thoroughly enjoyed showing their parents all the skills they had been learning throughout 'Super Humans’. We hope all the parents enjoyed coming into school and joining in with all the fun. 

Reception – IEYC This is me

Reception have been learning about homes around the world. They were discussing what makes homes different and the same. Part of our learning included a photo gallery which the children really enjoyed. Some children even drew their own home to add to the photo gallery! We had children from all over the school come to visit it.

Reception – IEYC This is me

Who needs a paint brush when you have body parts!? As part of our This is Me learning, Reception explored messy art using our feet. The children had a great time walking in paint and creating art together. They showed great independence by removing their own shoes and socks and washing their feet after!

Year 1 – IPC This is me

In Year 1 at TKO, we have been looking into our own homes and houses around the world. We started the entry point "This is me", to talk about what we like and what our homes look like. We had a community walk around the school area, looked for similarities and differences to our own homes. We had lots of opportunities to design and draw our dream houses at school. 

Year 2 – IPC The Human Body

In TKO, Year 2 are learning all about the human body and all the super things we can do with our bodies! We explored all the ways to keep our body healthy including: visiting the doctor and dentist, eating healthy foods and joining regular exercise classes.

Year 5 – IPC Investigators

In Year 5, we have become scientific investigators. During our Entry Point, a crime was committed and some sneaky teachers were caught looking rather suspicious. The 'police' instructed us to carry out a number of investigations to catch the criminals, such chromatography, an acidity test and an insulation test. 

Year 2 – IPC Water World

Our excursions to a local freshwater habitat were a huge success!  Armed with nets and magnifying glasses, the children waded in streams and took water samples from waterfalls.  We spotted all sorts of water creatures, including tadpoles, shrimp, pond skaters, crabs and a small catfish.  Everyone enjoyed exploring the living things in the stream bed habitat, and we also compared the clarity of the water found in different areas.  We will be following up this excursion in class over the next few days, as we continue to learn about water in our Water World unit.  Huge thanks to Chris and Emma from Backyard Roots for sharing their knowledge of the outdoors with us.  

Reception – IEYC

The Reception children came to school wearing their favourite outfits for our very first Entry Point activity. Each child walked down the runway and when they got to the end they struck a pose to show everyone their outfits!  We learned that everyone is unique in their own special way!  Sometimes we like things that are the same and sometimes we like things that are different - and that's ok! 

Year 1 – IPC Who am I?

By learning about ourselves and each other, we are able to celebrate our differences whilst also seeing all the things that we have in common. We are all individuals, but together we make up a wider community - one that should support and respect one another.

The Entry Point of our Year 1 unit “Who Am I?”, has seen the students beginning to explore their own lives. They have begun to put together an ‘autobiography’, which includes a fact file, and information about the various groups to which each child belongs.

Other activities will include finding out what sorts of things make us happy – or angry. In Art the students will be creating self-portraits and taking photographs. In Sports they will explore how they can stay fit and strong. In Science the children will investigate how they are similar and different to other people, and find out about how our hearts work.

Year 2 - IPC Water World

Year 2 made a splash with our fun entry point into: Water World!   We know water is important to all living things – without water there would be no life on Earth.  We use water every day.   We depend on water to stay clean and healthy, just like the many plants and animals we share our world with.  Not everyone in the world has clean, fresh water – but we can help to change that, because water is for everyone!!  Over the coming weeks we will delve into this vital topic with in-depth investigations in Science, Geography and a look at matters from an International perspective.

Year 2 - IPC Brainwave

Year 2 is learning about learning!  The children examined and dissected (jelly) brains as a recap of the fabulous Brainwave unit.  

When we know how the brain works, we can become better learners.