IPC Updates: 2017-2018 Term 3

More photos from Term 3 here

Year 2 – IPC “Treasure Island”

Year 2 finally enjoyed a much anticipated Pirate Day!! 

Avast ye! Here be the details, landlubbers!

Year 2 set sail amidst fair weather and made haste for the beach in search of the elusive pirate treasure!!  Using their knowledge discovered from their research into the themed topic ‘Treasure Island’ they were able to apply this to their fun activities on the beach that ultimately lead them to find buried treasure!!  T’was a bountiful day and our young shipmates had a mighty fine time…lots of jolly pirates indeed!!

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, shipmates! Shiver me timbers! Jumping jellyfish! Ahhhhhh! Ha! Ha! Ha! *cough* *cough*

Year 4- IPC “Saving Our World”

Year 4 celebrated their learning from ‘Saving Our World’ unit by performing a show, ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ for parents and children. It was all about the rainforests of the world and the negative impact deforestation has on our world.

As part of their action, the children asked for donations on the day for the charity, Orangutan Aid. The founder of this charity, Mara McCaffery, had visited the Year 4 children to talk about the plight of orangutans due to deforestation in the rainforests and their fight to be saved from extinction. An astonishing HK$6,000 was raised! Thank you to all those parents who donated.

Reception – IEYC “The Brilliant Bug Ball”

RCA and RCB enjoyed their final Exit Point of the year to celebrate the learning that took place during their unit “The Brilliant Bug Ball”. Children made minibeast masks to wear while they performed a spider poem, an ant dance and played two minibeast games with their parents. We then enjoyed some amazing minibeast-inspired snacks!

Great fun was had by all!

Year 1 – IPC “We are what we eat”

As part of their unit "We Are What We Eat", Y1A went to Pizza Express in Central and Y1B went to the one in Times Square. Our little chefs had fun making pizzas as they chose their own fillings and topped them with cheese. Upon returning to school, they couldn’t wait to eat their pizzas for lunch! Some of our little ones also decided to save a few slices so that they could take it home to share with their families.

As part of their unit "We Are What We Eat", the Year 1 children investigated the parts of a flower using magnifying glasses. The children could see that the flower possessed a number of structures.

Year 2 – IPC “Treasure Island”

Did you know that very few pirates knew how to swim?  One danger that pirates faced was drowning, which is also a danger for anyone who doesn’t know what to do in a water emergency.  As part of our Treasure Island unit, Year 2 learned about water safety, and then wore pyjamas into the pool to experience the feeling of falling into the water fully clothed and without goggles. 

Everyone had a lot of fun – and looked super cute in their PJs!

Year 4 - IPC “Saving The World”

Year 4 are about to commence their next unit “Saving The World” which focuses on Rainforests around the world, their inhabitants and their destruction. 

As part of the Entry Point to this unit we went to visit the Space Theatre and watched ‘Amazon Adventure’ telling the true story of a scientist who went to live in the Amazon Rainforest to research the animals living there.

Year 1 HH – IPC 'Flowers and Insects' 

Year 1 students are very excited to be sharing their next IPC unit 'Flowers and Insects' with  GS children as part of their next shared project. The children worked together to find and piece together clues to uncover their new topic and shared them in a bilingual assembly. The combined group also enjoyed an Entry Point trip to Kowloon Park where they sketched flowers, practiced their photography skills as well as their observation skills during a plant and insect hunt.