IEYC and IPC Learning Journeys

Each time the International Stream Primary students undertake a new and exciting IEYC/IPC unit they begin a learning journey.

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IEYC & IPC Learning Journeys

The learning process begins with an Entry Point, a wow moment to remember! 

Next, the teachers find out what the children already know in that area and what they would like to find out about. The Big Picture links all the subjects in the unit. After this the students become researchers, investigators, critical thinkers, go on trips and experiences to deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding

Finally, there is an Exit Point. This is where the learning comes together and students become the teachers and parents are invited into school to experience the learning.

Units include:

  • Who am I?
  • We are what we eat
  • Media Magic
  • Treasure Island
  • Extreme Survivors
  • Existing…Endangered… Extinct
  • Mission to Mars