IBDP Induction for Year 11

From 13 – 15 June Year 11 were welcomed back to school for their IB Induction.

During this time students were introduced to the core components of the IB Diploma Programme:

  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK),
  • Extended Essay (EE) and
  • Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS).

After 2 days at BPR, the students visited the charity organisation, Crossroads on Friday

Here is what Year 11 had to say.

“Firstly we started off the CAS day with a short introduction to what CAS is and what it meant to us and others. We were then shown a spectacular performance of old cultural activities such as Lion dancing, Tai Chi as well as Paper cutting and we then later participated in those activities; although challenging at first we managed to enjoy and to like the events. Well you might be wondering what does CAS stands for, well the C stands as creativity, the A stands for activity and lastly the S as Service. We were shown what all three of these meant, we also reflected on what we did and discussed possible CAS activities that we can do in the future. An enjoyable few days.”



“On Thursday we spent the morning trying out several different activities from the traditional Chinese culture. We rotated between paper cutting, tai chi, and lion dancing. It required both mental determination and focus as well as physical strength. Overall it was very enriching as we learnt more about the Chinese culture and experienced the different elements of CAS.

On Friday we travelled to the Crossroads foundation where we got to meet different volunteers and learn about how this organisation came together and how it works.

In the morning we worked in different departments to find out what the volunteers that work at Crossroads do every day to aid the unfortunate in the world. This included packing and sorting out donated clothes, lifting and moving boxes, cleaning old electronic appliances, organising donated toys, etc. It was very active, manual work and overall very fun.

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to take part in simulations to do with blindness and HIV/AIDS to become more aware of how those affected go through their daily lives. This was a super interesting and educational experience, and definitely made us more aware and empathetic towards the people that suffer from these conditions.

Overall IB induction week was three days filled with entertaining and insightful activities and definitely a great way to learn more about the CAS element of IB.”  Zoe


“When we arrived at Crossroads on Friday we were divided into 4 groups and we were able to experience simulations.

The first simulation was for raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. The simulation was based on the lives of four different people from various countries and different ages. Wearing headphones connected to an audio device, which told us the narrative version of the story, we walked through rooms set up as important places in these people's lives. For example, a bedroom or a kitchen.

The last room in all stories was "The clinic". Here, facts were posted around the room about the transmission and effects of HIV/AIDS. This simulation allowed us to have an insight into the lives of an HIV+/AIDS infected person.

The second simulation was held in a dark room, made to let in no light, allowing us to fully experience being blind. We were given wooden sticks, acting as canes, and led by a blind guide to walk through the room. The room was set up as the Nigerian jungle with a few villages inside.

This experience was very authentic, taught us the daily challenges caused by blindness and how to make use of our other senses. At times it was a bit frightening but overall it was very stimulating.”

Marine, Mayumi and Élise


It was great to see Year 11 working as a team on all these projects. This induction has served as a good introduction to the IB Diploma Programme and we look forward to welcoming the new Year 12 in September.