IB Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition

4 students from the International Stream are presenting their work. The works displayed are very personal and the techniques vary: video, paint, collage, sculpture and photography.

Mr Ian Clayton, Head of International Stream, aknowledged the hard work of the 4 students, and the involvement of their Art teacher, Mrs Bezançon.

Each student developed their own approach, creating varied and original art pieces.

Sofia Gagliano, of Italian and New Zealand heritage, decided to work on the theme: Multiculturalism.  Her collage “I love Hispanics” denounces the politics of the new American president in an ironic way.

Mao Lin Huang wanted to explore the theme “Connections” highlighting links between humans, objects, sometimes abstract or linked to identity. She created a “Light box” which reminds us how technology is taking our lives over more and more. This box contains a world map with tech icons as pasted as paper cut outs. A real work of art!

Kikinay Kemp working on the Thai culture is presenting a still life in grains of rice and acrylic on canvas. A nighly original and detailed work which underlines his Thai heritage.

Aurélien Nissen has worked on “Hong Kong: Cultures and Traditions”, a rich theme with original works. Her photo montage “Home” was inspired by the photographer Michael Wolf and accomplished through a photographic series in disadvantaged places in the New Territories.