HKSSF Cross Country Race

On Tuesday 21 November the weather was great at Aberdeen Reservoir for the HKSSF Cross Country race which saw 32 schools compete in the Boys’ races and 25 schools compete in the Girls’ races.

FIS entered 3 teams and all, without exception, performed well and posted great results:

  • C Grade Girls: FIS team – 4th. Individual places: Pauline C. – 1st; Victory B. - 2nd; Lucie F. – 4th
  • C Grade Boys: FIS team - 3rd. Individual places: Max B. – 5th
  • B Grade Boys: FIS team – 2nd. Individual place Clément B. – 8th

Unfortunately the FIS B Grade Girls, A Grade Boys and A Grade Girls teams were unable to attend.

Thank you to all participants from both the French and International streams who put in a fabulous team effort with great team spirit.

All results here (Division 3, Aera 3) and some pictures here

Next Cross Country race …. 2018