Hélène Montardre visits FIS

Students in CM2, 6e and Yrs 6, 7 & 8 advanced French classes were lucky enough to meet the French author taking part in the prix Azimut 2017.

The Prix Azimut is a reading competition organised by French schools in Asia which started ten years ago. Each year five books are chosen and read by the students who vote for the one they liked the best. This year’s theme is “Heroes and Heroines”.

Hélène Montardre, specialist in Greek mythology and children’s literature, has written a large variety of books on this theme one of which is Percy and The Gorgone, a book in the Prix Azimut 2017. She came to visit to the students at FIS at the end of March and was asked her numerous questions about her books and her career. The students appreciated the stories of her faraway travels which sounded so great and were the inspiration for her books.

The students of Year 7