Great performance in Judo for FIS Students

Congratulations to our FIS students, members of the Hong Kong Judo Kan Club, who brought home gold, silver and bronze in two recent competitions (AKA Judo International Tournament 2018 and the 50th SCAA Judo Competition). The results come on the back of many years of training, endurance and patience. Most importantly, win or lose, the teams fought fairly, smiled and had fun. Thank you to their teachers and congratulations to them all!

Carmen (3eA) & Julie I. (5eA), Stanislas (6eE) & Svetlana M.-S. (CM1G), Gabriel L. (5eC), Camille G. (6eA), Gabriel (2de E) & Adam S. (6eB), Alexandre D. (6eB), Jean-Philippe L. (CM2C), Enric Z. (Y6A), Mathys G. (CM1D), Leanna L. (CE2B) and Leo & Thomas E. (CM2A).

Here are some of their thoughts…

Feedback from Carmen I. 3ème A 

My sister and I have been doing judo for eight years. I started when I was six years old. My father suggest the sport for us and, while it was difficult at the beginning, here we are today. Champions! Finally!

Recently we took part in an important competition. In the 52 kilos and above category I got to the final. There I had one of the toughest and most stressful fights of my life. My opponent, a seasoned competitor, who was a good 10 kilos heavier than me and strong and aggressive fighter, shook me so hard that I felt a competitive rage overtake me. I fought like a lion, hung on until the end and even thought that I might win if she made a small mistake … but I lost. Even though, I felt it was a great victory for me, and I took home the silver. My whole experience with Judo has taught me that it’s important to hang in there.

Feedback from Julie I.  5ème A 

My judo career started in France when I was four and my sister six years old. Our father, a keen judo competitor himself, enrolled us in a local club. In the beginning, I wasn’t very interested but, as time passed and I matured, the sport became more and more interesting to me. When we moved to Hong Kong I was seven, and we joined the Hong Kong Judo Kan.

The training was much harder here and we started to have competitions. Today, I am 12 and the competition is getting harder and harder and I feel the stress. This sport is intense, but what I love is the feeling of winning and enjoying my victories. When you pin your opponent on the floor and you can feel them trying to fight back and you’re waiting for the regulation 20 seconds to pass. Finally you hear the gong and you have the victory. It’s an amazing feeling.

Even if this sport is exhausting, I am happy to train. Judo has taught me four important lessons. How to defend myself; how to accept difficulties, how to extend myself and how to toughen up! I really would encourage children to take up this sport.

Feedback from Stanislas M.-S. 6ème E 

I have been doing Judo for four years. I’ve won a gold medal and two silvers in competitions. Judo has taught me about respect, and it allows me to get rid of my stress twice a week during the training sessions. What I love the most if when you pin your opponent to the ground.

Feedback from  Svetlana M.-S. CM1 G

I love to go to judo with my brother. During the competitions, I am scared of my opponents but I am so pleased if I win. I have had a gold medal, a silver and two bronzes. The training is often hard and sometimes I injure myself, but it teaches me to defend myself.