Great fanfare for the Class Captain elections

The French Stream organised official Class Captain elections on all Primary campuses (HH, CW and JL). Voting booths and transparent ballot boxes were borrowed from the Consulate General of France, and handmade voting card were used.


Above all, an electoral campaign was organised for each class. Each candidate had prepared a poster with their agenda and ideas and had an allocated speaking time in class. Their aim is to attend the Class Captain meetings for their own campus which are run by the Director of Primary or Head of Campus.

On election day each student, armed with their voting card, took a voting slip, went into the voting booth to put their candidate’s slip in an envelope which they then placed in the official ballot box.  Students from CM2 had been named assessors and watched over the smooth running of the elections.

At Chai Wan, equality was requested and so each candidate had to vote for a boy and a girl. At Hung Hom, there was only one elected candidate per class while Jardine’s had a Class Captain and a Vice-Captain.

All the students were very excited by these elections and the winners were delighted.  The first Class Captain meetings will be held at the beginning of November.