Graphic workshops … draw a shape for me

From January to March 2017 students in GS, CE1 and CE2 at Jardine’s took part in graphic design workshops led by Emilie Saint-Pé, a trained graphic designer. This cultural and artistic project introduced graphic design in a fun way which also linked to Hong Kong. 

Taking inspiration from the exhibition and animation … “Cats and Dogs” the students created a wall mural depicting a panoramic view of Hong Kong in 4 parts: town, sea, mountain and countryside. The mural created is made from Chinese characters cut out of paper and will be put up at the construction site of the new Tseung Kwan O Campus.

During the workshop, students found out about the hidden meaning of shapes, colours, using space and the foundations of graphic design. Amongst other sessions, one was dedicated to learning some Chinese characters, some of which were quite complicated.  To help memorise them, the characters were presented as drawings, calling on the students’ visual memories and imaginations.

The students had the chance to learn about new concepts, use new techniques, express themselves and find out that learning can be as easy as abc!