Graduation Dinner for IB Class of 2019

On May 27th the graduation dinner of IB Class of 2019 took place in Parkview. The year group of 35 students, their parents and 27 teachers attended the event.

It was a very enjoyable evening; the programme included short, rather amusing presentations about all the students, the handing out of a Certificate of Completion as well as a large class photo 'card' for each student containing personal messages from their teachers.

After that, students and parents were challenged in a hilarious game where they had to recognize teachers from baby/childhood pictures. Some hadn't changed a bit, others were unrecognizable.

The evening ended with goodbyes to Mr Burt and Mme Leonard. Last but not least two students who have been at FIS since Reception thanked the teachers in a very entertaining speech sharing memories from a period of 14 years!