German Class - student updates

Secondary students studying German were very busy recently – find out more in this article.

FIS-GSIS: Der Kommissar Maigret war bei uns!

Links with the German-Swiss International School continue to grow stronger. A group of 16 students came to FIS on Thursday, 7 June to continue their discussions and end the year in style.

Remember, they invited us over in February and we worked on film clips. This time we focused on finding information. First, it was about the regions of France, geography, history and culinary specialties. Then, we really got into it: solving police mysteries, strange deaths, and unexpected crime scenes. We asked ourselves questions, we laughed, we were surprised, we found out and didn’t find the answers. The Franco-German pairs helped each other to explain the puzzles and it was great to see.

Then in small groups, the apprentice detectives staged mysterious, created dialogues and played the characters. Performances were at the Library where we were very kindly welcomed; a big thank you to Mrs ARMAND and Mrs FRANCONY who prepared for our arrival.

Everyone knows that emotions really give you an appetite. So we then ate together in the canteen of BPR, last time for sharing this year.

Or almost, since according to reliable sources, we know that students decided to meet again outside schools thanks to Frau ZHANG-PREIS and Frau MÜLLER, the two GSIS colleagues who helped to facilitate this exchange,...

So until next year when we will start over! 

FIS – GSIS, fostering friendship

A group of 19 students from FIS German classes in 3ème-2nde-1ère met with students from French classes at the German-Swiss International School on Thursday 1 February. These morning classes to practice speaking have been happening for several years now, and this was once again an enjoyable session for our students.

From 9am to 1pm students chatted, practiced, experimented, listened, and finally managed to create improvised sketches for the class. They worked closely with the young German and Suisse students, speaking mostly in German, sometimes in French, a little bit in English, and even in sign language. And lastly, they invited us to lunch at the GSIS canteen.

A big thanks to Mr Michael Scholz who was in charge of the German Section Sekundarstufe, and the GISI teachers, in particular Miss Katrin Zhang-Preis who organized this exchange.


We had 15 young German guests to visit !

From the 22 - 31 January, the group of fifteen high school students from Gymnasium am Kattenberge (GAK) in Buchholz in the north of Germany visited our students learning German in 2nde and 3ème who had registered for an exchange.

Accompanied by their teacher, Mrs. Maike Heeren, thirteen young German girls and only two German boys, shared our students’ family lives and found out about their lives at FIS during a few hours of classes. They also enjoyed the charms of Hong Kong, from the heights of the Peak to the markets of Kowloon, from the nature of Lantau to the forest of buildings of Central, from the top of the Big Buddha to the bottom of the medicine shops. They were introduced to Chinese calligraphy (they managed to make a horizontal line!) thanks to the help of Mr. Yip, whom we thank for his kindness and skills. They also have tasted the traditional french Kings’ Cake, without breaking their teeth!

In addition, the joint research, writing and interviews with our students should allow them soon to present an exhibition of photographs on the theme of "Traces of Germany in Hong Kong".

The week-end spent with families allowed everyone to get to know each other better. A huge thank you to the parents who made this exchange possible by their availability and great hospitality. Thanks to them, the week seemed too short !

From 20 to 28 April, FIS students will go to visit them, in their small corner of Niedersachsen, not far from Hamburg.