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FIS participating in Ocean 3C’s Collaborative Programme

Ocean protection and prevention of plastic pollution are embedded in our pedagogical curriculum.

This year, our school along with 3 others (​Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College​,​ ​Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Primary School​,​ ​Island School Sha Tin Wai campus​), is participating in the collaborative education programme offered by Ocean3C, an organisation based in Hong Kong aiming at promoting ocean protection and reduction in single-use plastics through the 3 big Cs: Collaboration, Culture and Circular Solutions. 

This year-long programme has different phases and offers opportunities for our students to interact with people beyond the school community.  After learning about ocean and plastic pollution in the first few weeks of the term, the students took part in the first joint-school meeting on the 23rd of October: the eventful gathering was attended by over 150 students from the four participating schools. 

On that day, NGO EcoDrive presented an overview of the plastic issue and a documentary screening demonstrating how we can all Start Small Start Now; students were split into groups and had the chance to openly discuss and present their ideas on stage. All in all, a very productive, social and enjoyable event that ended with a trash-free giant picnic and mingling on the grassy space at our TKO campus.



Now that the break is over, we will be entering the next phase of the programme with students asking advice from and interacting with experts who are making a difference in real life. The mentors and guest speakers will come from a wide range of backgrounds including academics, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, inspiring individuals and more.

Stay tuned!