FIS’s Got Talent 2018

From 2 - 3:30pm on 22 June at Jardine’s Auditorium, our 6ème, 5ème and some 4ème students got together to hold the 1st FIS’s Got Talent.

Organised by Mrs Wang Meng Ngee, supported by Mrs Wong Yuk Yin, and judged by Mr. Tristan Pennel, Ms. Rachel Desgouttes and Mr. Choi, the show with over 40 performers was a screaming success!

Watch the full show by clicking on the picture below:

Our 3 volunteer students - Aimy B. (4E), Violette C. (4E) and Ninon F. (5F) – did a great job as event MCs. Everyone was a winner in this show and all students sang and performed with enthusiasm, joy and confidence. Bravo!

Congratulations to our winners:

1st – Emeric P. (5C), piano and Leny K. (5C), actor original drama

2nd – Nelly P. (5E), voice and Béatrice S. (5A), piano

3rd – Fabien P. (6C) with an original violin composition

4th - Mila B. (5C) on shuffle dance

A second edition will be organised in May 2019 and open to Lower Secondary Students from Year 7 to Year 9 and 6ème to 3ème.

Mrs Wang Meng Ngee will select students for the auditions held in May.

Let’s practice !!