First prize in the Anti-bullying contest 2019

Each year, the French Ministry of Education organizes a contest as part of the fight against bullying.

Students from CM2 to Terminale are invited to create posters and/or videos in order to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying at school.

At FIS, two groups of students from 6e and 5e participated in this competition and we are delighted to announce that students from 6e have been declared winners for the Montpellier regional education authority.

The laureates declared that they took part in the contest because “[bullying] is an important matter to [them]”. The poster they created meant to highlight that “being isolated and ignored by your schoolmates can be considered as a form of bullying”. They talked about their own experiences:

“Almost all of us have been victim of bullying to varying degrees, and the most important thing is to talk about it. Our picture expresses one form of bullying (among others) at school on daily life.”

Congratulations to all our students.


  • 6A: Mathias N.
  • 6B: Louis P., Jean G., Racim E., Luca A., David G., Léopold L., Aymeric V., Chloé K., Adam S.
  • 6C: Anatole G., Charlotte H.

This project has been supported by two staff members: Julien ESNAULT (Educational Assistant) and Olivier GAZEAU (Senior Educational Adviser). The two students who led this project were Luca A. and Mathias N.