Fighting against food waste in the BPR canteen

FIS' Sustainable Development Committee met on Wednesday 13 December and chose the theme "Fighting against food waste" to win the Eco-école 2018 label.

A diagnosis was made from weighing the food left on the canteen trays of our students during the week of 14 and 20 December.

The result obtained, extrapolated for the year, is 19.4 kg / student / year.

For comparison, the national average in France is 16kg / student / year.

Following this diagnosis, an action plan to reduce waste by 8.7 tonnes / year was set. Work to raise awareness of the stakes related to the food waste will be carried out with the various parties concerned:

  • The canteen staff assigned to serving food
  • Students enrolled in the canteen and their parents
  • The school community as a whole via a poster campaign and broadcast on the school’s screens

A new series of weighing will be carried out in 3 months in order to evaluate the impact of the actions carried out.

We count on you all to be actors of this project!