A famous adventurer paid a visit to International Primary students at Jardine’s

On Monday 26 February, at Jardine’s, Primary students from the International Stream had the chance to meet Mike Horn, the worldwide-known explorer.

The students discovered 3 of his amazing adventures:

  • swimming down the 6.700 kms long Amazon River
  • completing an un-motorized circumnavigation of the globe at the Equator
  • exploring the North Pole during 3 months in the Arctic winter

He explained to the students how to survive thanks hunting and fishing. He reminded them how important it is to observe the environment you explored. And he highlighted the importance of preparation before any adventure. He learned all the poisonous snakes he might encounter during his circumnavigation following the Equator line.

The students were enthralled by his stories about crocodiles, piranhas and polar bears. They left the auditorium with stars in their eyes.