Excellent talk by Prof. Villani

He worked on assessing convergence towards balance for the Boltzmann equation … but without disturbance (wow!) … using the theory of regular consistency (of course!) …

On Friday 23 November in the Auditorium at Jardine’s, students of all ages and their parents who came to listen to him and were hanging on his every word. He came to talk about our children’s education in this era of artificial intelligence and answer questions on this topic.  Time was short and he was not able to tackle the more complex subjects which allowed him to win the Fields medal in 2010 and a whole range of prestigious awards in the area of mathematics.

You all recognise him: he wears a spider pin on his lapel and is one of the most brilliant mathematicians of our time.  Cédric Villani was at FIS to meet our students as part of the “Women in Science” and “Year of Chemistry” projects. 

Thank you Professor Villani for your talk and the lasting impression you left.