Equestrian Team Updates

April 2019

The FIS Equestrian Higher Division and Lower Division teams competed on 20 March 2019 (at Tsuen Mun Public Riding School) and 22 March 2019 (at Lo Wu Saddle Club), respectively, in the HK Interschool Equestrian Challenge.

The girls tacked, saddled and managed the temperament of unfamiliar horses for both dressage and show jumping. Both teams did FIS proud. Individually, Leelani N. placed 5th in dressage and Sharlen D. 6th in jumping.

Higher Division came in a respectable 5th place overall with 364.16 points, impressive for their first time competing in Tsuen Mun at the Higher level,  The Lower Division team received a fabulous 357.85 points as it was the first time all members of the Lower Division have competed in the Interschool competition.

Leelani was also competing in the Senior Division - Eventing Interschool Competition on 30-March at Beas River.

It is worth noting that Leelani has just been selected, at a personal level, by the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation as one of four riders to represent Hong Kong in Australia at the Inter-school Victorian Horse Trials Championships! A phenomenal achievement!

We are very proud of our teams' achievements this season, in particular of the 3 girls in lower division: well done on being so brave at such a young age !

End November 2018

The Higher Division team (consisting of Leelani D. Y10, Sharlen N. Y9, Laura B. Y8 and Michaela O. 6eme) competed in a dressage competition at Tsuen Mun Public Riding School on 21 November against STC, Kellett and KGV and then again at a second competition on 28 November against GSIS, WIS, RCHK, CDNIS, STC, LUAC and DC. At both competitions, Sharlen came a very impressive 2nd place overall!

The Lower Division team (consisting of Victoria M. 5eme, Norah C. 5eme and Emily B. Y4) enjoyed their first competition of the season at Lo Wu Saddle Club on 30 November. The team competed in both dressage and show jumping against RCHK, NAIS and GSIS. All girls scored well in dressage and obtained clear rounds in jumping.

Very well done to both teams. The girls would like to express their thanks and gratitude to the FIS community for so kindly providing the lovely team shirts as well as saddle cloths; proudly showing the FIS logo.

March 2018

On Friday 23 March 2018 the FIS Equestrian Team (consisting of Sharlen D., Leelani N., Michaela O., Nikki T. and Laura B.) competed in both show jumping and dressage at Lo Wu Saddle Club in their heat for the Inter-School Equestrian Competition against S.K.H. Wing Chun Primary School, Creative Secondary School, KGV, Kingston International School, Nord Anglia International School and West Island School.

The girls did very well with Sharlen coming 4th in jumping. Michaela took 4th in dressage and 6th in jumping and Laura took 3rd in jumping. Overall there were 4 heats with 140 riders competing against each other and a record number of 24 schools.

Well done FIS!

January 2018

On Friday 12 January the FIS Equestrian Team (consisting of Sharlen D., Leelani N., Michaela O., Nikki T. and Laura B.) competed for the first time this season against Discovery College, Lutheran Academy, Nord Anglia International School, Shatin College and S. K. H. Wing Chun Primary School.

FIS swept the floor in show jumping with all 5 girls riding a clear round and Laura taking 1st place, Leelani 2nd and Nikki 6th. The team also performed very well in dressage with Leelani taking 3rd, Laura 4th and Nikki 6th.

The team will be very focused on training over the next 2 months in preparation for the Heat competition on 23 March 2018 which will see our team competing against 23 other schools in Hong Kong.

The Team would like to thank FIS for its ongoing support.