ECA, a true success !

50% of FIS students are registered in at least one ECA

Today, the students can pick among 65 extra-curricular activities (ECA) organised by the school. In 2018-2019, the number of subscriptions has raised by 35%.

The department must handle every week, over the 4 campuses, 159 ECA slots led by 74 contractors.

The team is composed of 3 people - Catherine, Sammie and Marie - and is dedicated to proposing a wide range of activities (arts, sports, languages, …) throughout the year to all our students from Primary to Secondary.

A general overview of activities

The most successful activities are football, athleticism, swimming but also drama and supervised homework studies.

Each year, the team renews and extends its activities selection taking into account new requests, contractors’ proposals, new trends …

In 2018-2019, about ten new ECA were offered, such as sewing workshop, relaxation et meditation, wake up to music or gymnastics.

The ECA department receives a lot of enquiries and they do their best to respond to them.

A busy year

For artistic activities, parents are invited to attend small concerts organised by Primary students or drama performances. They can also visit the art exhibitions to find out what their child(ren) had done during the year. The next exhibition will be held at BPR.

Furthermore, Secondary students enrolled in sporting ECA are FIS ambassadors. They proudly represent FIS at local and international competitions and bring home lots of medals. The Sports Awards ceremony will take place on May 27th and will celebrate the sporting talents of our students during the year.

ECA, one of the FIS assets

Students get the chance to follow high-quality activities for a reasonable price. Primary students can even take the ECA bus for free at the end of their session.

Organised by small groups, children share and exchange with students from other classes and streams, and new friendships arise.

Save the dates below for online registration through Parent Portal:

  • Kindergarten and Primary, Saturday 13 of July from 2 pm
  • NEW for Secondary, Saturday 31rst of August from 10 am, to let students choose their ECA depending on their time table.

More detailed information coming soon.