"Discovery Dome" at FIS

As part of the Year 7 Science curriculum, we had a visit from the "Discovery Dome" mobile planetarium on Wednesday 14 June 2017.

The students lay happily on their backs inside the dome as they were treated to a video presentation that included a virtual tour from the sun outwards past our earth, past all the other planets and then into the far reaches of the universe. They learned how telescopes have been improved over the centuries and how they are now sent out above our atmosphere and into space so that we can now explore so much that was previously unknown. They gained a perspective of where we fit in the universe, how stars form and “die” and the other incredible technological advances that have enabled space travel and our greater understanding of the cosmos. Lorne Ali, as presenter, also opened the students’ eyes still further to the opportunities in careers and life experience that go along with the growth area of science/understanding. 

Our thanks to Lorne and the Year 7 Science teachers (Archana Relan and Rita Wong) for the opportunity for this “taste of space”.

Gary Wines