Disconnect to Reconnect

Students from the French and International Streams took part in the second FIS ‘Digital Detox Retreat’ on 13 – 14 October at the Sai Kung Recreation Centre.

The idea behind this retreat project is to motivate participants ‘to disconnect to reconnect’ and rediscover the true value of face-to-face interaction. It was also a fantastic opportunity for students to bond with peers from both streams - it was really nice to see students mixing and doing so much: wall climbing, roller skating, basketball, football, singing, arts and crafts, air hockey, snooker, badminton, tennis, etc.  Some also brought their own games and board games.

Meal times were opportunities to try new food too, and on Saturday and Sunday morning time was spent doing visualization and meditation activities. Students were also able to reflect upon the whole retreat before setting off on Sunday afternoon. Amongst many great comments, one student remarked on how he had enjoyed discovering lots of ‘anti-WiFi’ activities!

Everybody came back feeling really positive about the whole retreat and enjoyed rediscovering a few ways to reconnect with themselves, and their friends.