Digital Detox Retreat for students and staff

A group of 23 students from the International Stream and 3 members of staff took part in the school’s first ‘Digital Detox Retreat’ in Sai Kung last weekend.

 For 36 hours students and teachers committed to ‘disconnect to reconnect’, leaving personal devices and technology behind.

Our children are constantly stimulated with a number of activities at school, after school, ECAs, extra classes, spending time on their various screens/devices, chatting online, playing computer games, watching YouTube videos, to name a few. During the weekend, they owned the time they had and managed it, the focus being on reconnecting with themselves and others. They took part in various activities from archery to wall climbing and rope course, engaging in physical and outdoors activities, as well as strengthening or developing new friendships. The board games that had been packed in the rucksacks were used a lot, promoting face-to-face interaction only.

Students reflected on their experience in their journal, some great comments came out at the end of their stay when they discussed and reflected on the benefits of the whole weekend:

'It is better to be with friends than text them'

'FOMO? Not at all! It is not us missing out by switching off for the weekend, it is our friends who didn't join who are missing out on a great weekend!'

'This weekend has made me interact with students I didn't really know, and I am glad we got on so well!'

So all in all, it was a truly positive experience for all. The students came back proud to have achieved their commitment to disconnect to reconnect!

Volunteers shared this experience on Monday morning during the IS secondary whole-school assembly, and hopefully were inspirations to their peers.