Couture - our first large scale charity fashion show

300 tickets and even more attendees! The show was a huge success!

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We made it a priority to include other international schools, brands and many talented student designers and performers to create an entertaining, all-inclusive show to support sustainable development in the fashion industry. We have not only raised a sizeable amount of money for Redress, a local NGO supporting sustainable fashion through original means such as their Eco-chic award. 

Our show consisted of over 5 brands, 4 amazing performances, 2 student designers and then for the star of the show the Fashion Trophy 2017 competition where we showcased 30 amazing looks made of recycled materials! The lucky winners of the Best Designer Award were Chloe Lenoir et Marie Gabrielle de Beauvais two of our talented student designers from year 12 (première) showcasing a beautiful dress inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  We are delighted to announce that the six winners, including the other trophies such as best look and jury award have been given the opportunity to receive an internship at Redress. This is an amazing opportunity for not only the students but also our school as we can broaden our awareness and capabilities when regarding sustainable development in Hong Kong.

COUTURE has been a long term project including a team of over 20 students from both the French and International stream. The idea was realized by Isabelle Bezançon the Head of the Art Department in FIS, who was adamant to have a professional fashion show to expand our horizons when regarding fashion and to further support sustainable development in our Eco- school. In September, Isabelle Bezançon and Marie Haddad, the student head manager of COUTURE, started planning and realizing a suitable team for this elite event. Over the course of 9 months, we had successfully formed an organized and hardworking team all striving for the best for the show and school. In addition, preparation for the show did not only include members of student and staff from the French International School but also participants from international schools and brands. From model castings to brand meetings, we had encountered all walks of life in preparation of the show. With the great help of the communications department of FIS, in particular, Romain de Garsignies, we were lucky enough to be able to have meetings with large influential luxury brands such as Hermès and Guerlain, all looking to support our show and to help spread awareness of sustainable development.

Fashion Trophy Competition Winners 2017:

Best designer : Chloe Lenoir & Marie-Gabrielle de Beauvais (première)

First runner up : Alice Moron (terminale)

Second runner up: Camille Benoit & Stanislas Arzel (première)

Best young designer : Sasha Denham & Alexandra Hudson, model: Isabella Wilson (year 10)

Best Look : Lola Bezançon, model :Felice Hubert (terminale)

Jury award : Alfred Zanini (premiere)