Congratulations to our FIS 2020 IB Graduates!

The first school in Hong Kong to be authorised as a World IB School in 1988, FIS is proud to announce that its Class of 2020 achieved very good results at the International Baccaulaureate (IB) this year again!
Despite a historically disrupted school year, the FIS IB candidates obtained a 100% pass rate and an average score of 36.4 points. Among them, 61% of our students received 35 points or more, and 33% 40 points or more. One student even achieved the amazing performance to received the perfect grade of 35 points! Additionally, 100% of the candidates who entered for the Bilingual Diploma were awarded it, or 21% of all candidates.
As Mr. Ian Clayton, FIS' Head of the International Stream, puts it:
We congratulate the IB class of 2020 for their superb results. In many ways they were robbed of completing the programme, but I would suggest that we and they achieved some way better outcomes than simply exam results. This cohort exhibited the key traits of resilience, perseverance, diligence, creativity and above all a sense of perspective. We are all delighted as they are already developing into outstanding human beings. We wish them well in the next part of their adventure.
A few days earlier, their graduation ceremony was the best opportunity to tell them how proud of them we are! For some of them, who joined FIS when they were as young as 3 or 4 years old, this was the conclusion of 14 beautiful years in our school.
Congratulations, IB graduates! FIS is proud of you and wishes you a lifetime of happiness and success!