Congrats to our 2020 IGCSE graduates!

This year again, FIS' Y11 students have achieved great IGCSE results
Despite a disrupted year, the quality of their work and their dedication, coupled with the great support they received from their teachers and their families enabled our amazing Y11 students to achieve outstanding results.
A few individual performances to celebrate: 1 student received 11 A* grades, another one, 10 A* grades and 3 students received 11 A*/A grades.

Here are a few words shared by Madhavi C., who achieved the amazing performance of receiving 10 A* grades!

1. Can you share a few tips / words of advice about how to study the most effectively for the IGCSE?

Personally, I believe that consistency is key to achieving high grades in IGCSE. Throughout the two years of IGCSE, it is important to develop excellent time management skills and balance your academics and interests. To obtain high grades, focus on exam technique as well as the content and understanding of every subject. Practice many past papers regularly to hone your skills and apply your knowledge. 

For languages, immerse yourself in the target language by using different forms of media (e.g. movies, Podcasts). Use extensive vocabulary while reading, writing and speaking the language. For sciences, organize and fully explain your answers and practice linking key ideas together. For humanities, remember to contextualize your answers and define key terms clearly. 

2. Did you expect to receive such high grades?

The 2019-2020 school year at FIS was very different from normal school years because online lessons were implemented after CNY and the IGCSE exams were cancelled. Given these disruptions, I was quite apprehensive about my final IGCSE results. However, with the support of all my teachers and my family, I was hopeful that I would receive high IGCSE grades. 

3. What was your reaction when you found out? And your family's?

When I saw my results, my family and I were incredibly happy, surprised and extremely proud. We started jumping and screaming for joy. I know that I would not have achieved such results without the endless support of all my teachers and my family. In addition, these results gave me a lot of confidence and they are very encouraging going into IB.

4. Anything else you'd like to share with your fellow students and/or teachers?

I would like to say thank you to all my teachers, peers and fellow students for encouraging me and supporting me throughout my IGCSE journey. At FIS, the continuous interaction and support from the network of teachers, peers and fellow students is an integral part of the IGCSE programme.

Congrats to all! We are looking forward to welcoming you into Year 12! We are all incredibly proud!