Conference with Professor Etienne Ghys

Students from Terminale S got the chance to meet Professor Étienne Ghys during a talk which took place on Thursday 4 April at CityU. The subject was: 

The motion of planets, from a mathematical point of view:

Since Antiquity, astronomers have been observing the motion of planets. Since Newton and his gravitation theory, the problem became more mathematical.
Given a certain number of objects in space attracting each other according to gravitation, can one describe their motion? This is a very old problem and many questions remain unsolved.
In this talk, Etienne Ghys gave a very brief historical account and he restricted himself to a very special case, when there are only three bodies in space.
Even this 3-body problem is full of mysteries.

Students grasped historical developments on that question, which highlights perfectly the links between physics and mathematics. They get to know some recent mathematic conjectures, which demonstrates once more time that sciences are well alive.