Commemoration and remembrance education for our students

The History and Geography Departments have set up several initiatives this term for French Stream secondary students with a focus on commemoration, remembrance and involvement.

"To commemorate is to harness the strength of the generations which went before us in order to provide life lessons for those that follow.François Hollande, former President of France, 2013

As the centenary of the end of the First World War is coming to a close, the History and Geography teachers wanted raise awareness amongst their students about the importance of living and engaged memories and not only those hidden in books.

A broad programme has been organised throughout November and December:

Peace at last! Exhibition in the library to understand what the Armistice is by using books and a Q&A requiring documentary research.

TKO: Monday 22 – Wednesday 24 October

 BPR: Monday 5 to Friday 16 November


Talk with 3 speakers about the Great War for student in 3ème A and D (parents invited too):

Friday 9 November at 11:30am

Room 507, BPR campus, 165 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley


Alexandre Giorgini, Consul General of France in HK and Macau, will address the Armistice from a diplomatic perspective: its role, importance and consequences.

Xavier Pech, soldier and member of the association Souvenir Français, will speak about the power and value of involvement.

Didier Pujol, historian and member of the association Souvenir Français, will speak about the role of the Chinese throughout the First World War in France.


Remembrance Sunday, 11 November.  The FIS delegation comprising History-Geography teachers and students will go to the Cenotaph to commemorate the sacrifices made by those during the Frist World War and other wars.


Visit by Diane Grillère from the Charles de Gaulle Foundation from 3 – 6 December for students from 6ème to Terminale about the role of Charles de Gaulle during the First and Second World Wars:

  • 1918 armistice through his letters 
  • 1940 armistice and Marshall Pétain
  • Gaullist geostrategy in the 1960s. This talk will be an especially good introduction to the “History, Geopolitics and Political Science” course on offer next year in 1ère
  • Charles de Gaulle, surviving the Second World War for 3ème students
  • Governance since 1958 for Terminale students


A minute’s silence on 7 December by all students in 3ème at the Free French Forces Memorial.  They will bring the Rhine – Danube (39-45) memorial flag, a powerful symbol which the school is guardian of for the next 3 years.  This will have been presented to the students in advance during their Citizenship classes.