CM1 get on stage

On Thursday 4 April, students from CM1 C and CM1 D, bilingual classes based at Chai Wan, impressed their parents with their performance on stage.

The play was mainly in French, but one of the characters “the magic mirror” only spoke in English. 

For 10 weeks, they have worked on this show “Inspecteur Toutou”. First, the students studied the play in class and, then they put into practice their acting talent. 

The students had to learn their lines, they also had to understand the essence of their characters. They learned how to be confident and develop their stage presence. To do that, they had been guided and coached by Stéphane LAM, Director of Pavillon Rouge des Arts at Hong Kong, we thank him warmly for his input.

The staging is very original as several comedians play the same character: 20 students played the Inspecteur Toutou for instance. 

“We wanted to give visibility to all students. We didn’t want to have only one main character embodied by only one student” explains Stacey, their English teacher.

“We wanted that the students understood that they are part of a bigger production, where everyone is important” adds Aline, their French teacher.

It was a great performance, congratulations to all the students!