Close-up to the workshop at FIS

The workshop  MATh.en.JEANS at FIS brings together 10 students who work on several and varied themes: programming of complex algorithms, optimisation problems, or algebra by adopting a scientific approach and from the standpoint of a researcher. 

On Thursday 7 March, students were able to present their work to Pierre NOLIN and Felipe CUCKER, two mathematicians from CityU University, who were delighted at the quality of the students’ work. 

"I was very impressed about being able to meet these two mathematics researchers. The atmosphere was festive "  ~ a student in 6e

The evening was also an occasion to have exciting discussions on mathematics as we know it today, the life of a researcher, and the paths that need to be crossed to get there. 

Bravo to them!!

" Contrary to many of our beliefs in our middle school - high school years, mathematicians are not self-contained people trying to solve problems all day long; they are people who embody this world that we don’t know: they are open and intelligent,and are mostly and above all concerned about sharing between human beings to achieve progress."  ~ a student of Terminale S