The Climate Collage at FIS: a great success for this cross-generational, cross-stream and interdisciplinary project!

Four game tables, 30 participants, including 20 highly motivated students and 10 teachers from both streams (representing 6 different subjects), 4 facilitators to supervise the exchanges... all in a very pleasant atmosphere and with a superb cross-generational, collaborative spirit... In all aspects, this second step of the Climate Collage at FIS was a great success!

It was on Saturday 10 September on the Blue Pool Road campus that this first "real-life" meeting was held, after an introductory, online meeting in September aimed at presenting this fun, participatory and creative game on the climate crisis, which allows our students to become game leaders and thus, in turn, raise awareness of climate issues among their peers.

For nearly 4 hours, our participants, grouped into 4 teams - Adapt, Change, Rethink, Inspire - were given an opportunity to discuss, debate and exchange ideas about sustainable development and various climate-related issues. A particularly enriching experience, as Ellen S., a Year 3 teacher (International stream) explains:

I joined the 'Climate Collage' workshop as it is a subject I feel passionately about. I wanted to learn more about this and hope to become a facilitator for younger children so I can deliver this to Primary children. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and loved how passionate the Secondary students were. I hope to work with these students to spread the message to the younger years.

As for Aurora N., a student in Seconde (French stream), she explains:

I decided to take part in this project because we all need to do our share to help our only planet and protect our future. I found that taking the initiative to be part of such a project was very interesting and enriching. Climate change is an important issue and we all need to get involved to make a difference. I found Saturday to be a unique and enjoyable experience and I learned a lot. 

Her fellow Seconde student Oscar B., also explains:

As a student and passionate about our environment, I wanted to participate in this "Climate Collage" because today we humans have destroyed our planet and we must understand that we have responsibilities to keep it in good condition. I practise sports activities such as surfing and my ambition to participate in this project comes from the fact that I see all our seas/beaches flooded by piles of waste. So I wanted to find out a bit more about what is happening around us and what is causing all this pollution. 

The collages created will soon be displayed on the Blue Pool Road and Tseung Kwan O campuses.

Congratulations to all for your participation and your commitment to sustainable development at FIS!