Class Captain Elections – encourage your child to stand!

As tradition dictates, students are electing their Class Captains.

International Stream students have already had their elections and now it’s the turn of the French Stream.

Being Class Captain gives students the chance to take part in school projects, have discussions with the Heads of school and to take decisions.

Firstly, teachers will explain what does it mean to be a citizen, then students will have to stand to become a class captain by doing a poster and /  or a speech. Finally students will vote! 

Their responsibilities are:

  • Attend the quarterly class meeting.
  • Gather their classmates’ requests and discuss them with the teacher.
  • Take part in student council / council for collège / council for lycée lead by the Head of campus.  They discuss issues raised by students and teachers and find solutions together.
  • Manage the budget allocated to those voted on the CVC / CVL.

In collège and lycée, they can also take part in:

  • CESC (Council for Heath and Citizenship Education) which meets every term.
  • Canteen and Sustainable Development Committees.
  • Yearbook Committee which decides the theme for the year, encourages secondary students to create a project by themselves and elects the secondary project winners.