Follow our FIS students as they experience The Model United Nations at CISSMUN and SIMUN.

Eleven Terminale students and one Premiere student go to Shanghai on Thursday 19 January to participate in the Concordia International School Shanghai Model United Nations for the first time. This is a larger conference than the Singapore Model United Nations, with over 1500 delegates from schools as far away as the US and Africa. The FIS delegation will be representing Iraq in 11 committees and will be accompanied by Mr. Whitehurst.

They have been meeting weekly since September to prepare their resolutions and practicing their debating skills, and are well-prepared to make an impact on the conference.

Their progress at the conference can be followed on the following social media platforms, which will be updated throughout the duration of the conference.

Meanwhile, our SIMUN delegation of over 30 students, are hard at work preparing for their trip in March. SIMUN eligibility was opened to 2nde/Year 11 students this year, and they now make up a large proportion of the delegation.

A special mention must be made to the Student Directors Tara (CISSMUN), Chloé and Matteo (SIMUN), who have worked tirelessly to train the delegates, vetting resolutions, chairing practice debates and managing logistical issues.