On the 16th of January to the 20th, the FIS International stream MUN team travelled to Shanghai to attend the 11th Concordia International School Shanghai Model United Nations (CISSMUN). Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate teenage participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agendas, and the ultimate goal of an MUN student run conference is to debate and find solutions for the current global issues. 

The FIS delegates who attended the conference were Arthur Wong and Lockie Peters (Economic and Social Council), Claire Marty (Human Rights Committee), Julia Yu (Environment Commision), Rachel Lim (UN Commission of Human Trafficking). Hugo He (UN Peace Building Commision), Alexia Loiseau (UN Refugee Agency), Alex Even (World Health Organisation), Gabriel Mornet (International Criminal Court), Nelly Pedrono and Stephanie Chan (General Assembly)

Numerous experienced delegates from other schools who could express their ideas clearly, confidently, and strongly which allowed us delegates to learn many things from them; primarily how to speak in front of crowds with confidence, the conventions and procedure of a proper UN conference, and some basic ideas on diplomacy and negotiation.

As CISSMUN was such a large conference, during the first day some of us struggled a bit to get used to the procedures and keep up with the pace of the debates. However, by the next day, we could apply our skills that we learned in the first day and speak out in front of the others confidently. 

All delegates performed excellently and each of our performances truly made a difference. In addition, quite a few of the resolutions we personally proposed were passed by majority of the delegates voting for it.

I’d like to thank Mr. O’Kane and Ms. Wright for managing to put up with us for these past few days, and especially to Mr. O’Kane for providing this amazing opportunity in the first place. I hope more people will choose to go to MUN in the future.

It's a fantastic opportunity to learn a variety of new things whilst meeting many new people.

Arthur Wong, 12A.