CE1A pupils create a mural with artist Jérôme De Sousa


A stunning mural was created by the JL CE1A pupils, with the guidance of artist Jérôme De Sousa. This joyful and colourful piece, inspired by Niki Saint Phalle whose work they discovered on a cultural outing during French May, focuses on co-existence.

This artistic collaboration was done in several steps. At first, our students sat in front of the wall, waiting to find inspiration, before coming up with a few drawings. The drawings were later photographed and Mr. De Sousa selected some of them, using them as a basis to sketch a first draft of the mural.

After the pupils confirmed his design, one group of students started working on the mural background using collage while a second group worked on decorating the foreground elements, which were eventually added onto the mural by the artist.

This beautiful work of art is now a part of the Jardine’s campus since it will permanently decorate its walls. Make sure you take a look at it on your way to the auditorium or to the swimming pool!