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Carlotta, new High School Council Vice-Chair, shares her testimony

My election as Vice-Chair on the High School Council was a nice surprise, and I kept smiling for a few days after the results.

When I decided to run for this position, the road seemed long and uncertain.

First, I needed to be elected on the High School Council, and then convince the student representatives and other members of the Council that I would be able to represent them and manage the changes they are seeking.

However, I have noticed that there is a feeling of powerlessness among a lot of students, and this observation was my first motivation to undertake this project.

Some might think I’m an idealist, but I am convinced that we always need to suggest solutions and try to improve things, and never give up to unsatisfactory situations or remain inert. This year, I would like to prove to the sceptics who think it is vain to want to change things at school that students’ voice can truly make a difference.

During the visit of AEFE Director Olivier Brochet, High School Council members got the chance to meet for the first time and discuss several subjects. I was delighted to witness the motivation and devotion of the High School Council members to tackle different possible projects. Each of them brings genuine dynamism, which makes me even more optimistic for the coming year when we try to respond to students’ requests.

This first meeting highlighted that, whatever their age or stream, students share a deep desire to make the school as eco-responsible as possible. It will be the first challenge for the High School Council this year.

Moreover, we noticed that we all want to reinforce the links between the two streams, French and International. Indeed, we are convinced that our cooperation may result in more interesting and rewarding projects, to be examined more in-depth and resolve more efficiently.

Last but not least, the Council aims at making school life more pleasant, by making the students’ rooms more welcoming for instance.

This position as Vice-Chair was granted to me by the students, and I will do my best to honour their trust and make their demands come true.