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A booking platform to simplify your life

Outings and school trips, sports competitions and project orders: everything will now be done through the Parent Portal.

The Booking Platform developed by the FIS IT team combines outings and school trips as well as sports competitions in which your child is invited to take part. It also allows you to order Yearbooks and Primary tea towels.


  • Saves time and money and is green: no more paper forms to fill in
  • Accuracy: uses the contact details you update at the beginning of the year
  • Convenience: charges are added directly to your next bill

How are you informed?

  • The organising teacher sends you an email notification with a link to access the details  
  • In your Parent Portal under Website / Booking Platform, you can access all past and future events for your child(ren)
  • You must approve or decline each activity proposed before the deadline
  • Charges (indicated beforehand) will be added to the next invoice